The RMH line of self-propelled feed mixers are transforming a wasteful and inefficient method of feeding dairy cows, into a cost-saving and time-saving all-in-one solution for your farm. The benefits of a RMH self-loading feed mixer are already well-known around the world, in Canada we are seeing dairy operations take advantage of this trend as well.

Most feeding operations include at least two machines. It could be a tractor/loader pulling a trailer mixer; or even a truck mounted mixer. The bottom line is you need at least two machines burning fuel, and potentially two workers operating the equipment. It could be done by yourself but that would slow down the process even more. The operator needs to climb in/out of the loader and mixer wagon, often taking a guess as to how much feed has been processed as well. In addition there is the capital cost of a facer, to go along with your other machines in this process.

The benefits of a RMH self-loading feed mixer are simple:

  • One engine running – cutting your fuel costs in half
  • Direct induction
  • Load weights displayed accurately as you load
  • Facer is integrated
  • Operator stays in one machine the entire time without wasting time switching equipment

The RMH self-loading feed mixers are the result of over 50 years of product innovation and development. The RMH is manufactured by Lachish Industries, an Israeli company established in 1956 and credited with developing the very first self-propelled, self-loading feed mixer in 1981.

The RMH brand carries a variety of mixer sizes, the Premium version includes a front-loading elevator equipped with a 650mm wide rubber belt. The front spiral chopper is made from stainless steel and allows for efficient chopping to preserve the nutritional value of your feed.

The front left slider discharge conveyor means your operator never leaves the cab of the vehicle and can shave hours off the time it takes to feed your herd. The RMH Premium also features four-wheel steering and FWD 4×4 for high maneuverability and traction whether in the barn or on the road. The actual mixing is performed by two overlapping augers with a variable hydrostatic Sauer pump and motor with two mixing speeds.

If you want to take your dairy operation to the next level and want to learn more benefit of a RMH self-loading feed mixer, contact Handlers Equipment today for a test run of these amazing machines.