Spring is here and that means BC’s blueberry farmers will be cultivating their crops for the upcoming harvest. With so many equipment options available, you may wonder what is the best tractor for your BC blueberry farm? Tractors are the work horse of any blueberry growing operation. Size, power, efficiency are all key elements to look for when searching for the right equipment. Blueberry production is a key part of BC’s agriculture industry, having the right equipment can make your farm more productive and easier to manage.

Canada is the world’s second-largest producer of highbush blueberries, with British Columbia leading production across the country. BC along is one of the largest blueberry growing regions in the world and produces about 96% of Canada’s cultivated blueberries. There are approximately 800 blueberry growers across BC, with production increasing every year. In 1989 BC produced less than 20 million pounds, in 2016 this province produced 172 million pounds of blueberries.

What is the best tractor for your BC blueberry farm? Handlers Equipment recommends the Mahindra 2545 Shuttle Cab Tractor for any berry farm operation. The Mahindra 2545 Shuttle Cab is a solid choice for any general-purpose farming due to its fuel efficiency and reliable performance. This tractor really shines in the blueberry fields as its compact design is perfectly suited to fit between the rows on your field.

The 2545 comes with a 45hp, 4-cyl MCRD engine. The Mahindra Common Rail Diesel Engine (mCRD™) does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This reduces complexity and eliminates the need for costly filter replacement. In addition, you never have to remember to turn off your DPF, you can park this tractor anywhere without worrying about a high-heat DPF. The Mahindra mCRD™ system provides cleaner exhaust emissions at a lower cost, which is important what you are operating around valuable blueberry crops.

The Mahindra 2545 features a 360 degree view from a temperature controlled glass cab, power steering, ergonomic controls and an adjustable suspension seat for operator comfort. This tractor is ideal for operating in the wet and cold conditions BC is known for.

Backed by a 7-year powertrain warranty and fully customizable with a variety of Mahindra tractor implements, the 2545 Shuttle Cab is the best tractor for your BC blueberry farm.

To learn more about blueberry farm tractors and agriculture equipment, be sure to contact Handlers Equipment today to speak to one of our product experts.