Technically any tractor can be a “winter tractor,” however some perform better than others in cold weather conditions. Even though growing season is over, farmers still need to feed their livestock and perform other heavy tasks around the farm. The best winter tractors in BC allow you to perform these tasks safely, while keeping the operator comfortable in unfavourable conditions.

Pound-for-pound, Mahindra tractors stand above the rest by providing more power, lifting capacity and pulling capability. Whether you have a hobby farm, or large commercial operation, Mahindra has the perfect tractor for your application.

This winter, BC meteorologists are expecting a large amount of snow. Snow in BC tends to be wet and heavy compared to other regions, making it more difficult to move and harder to drive through. Mahindra tractors provide you with the power and traction required to operate in these conditions.

For light to medium farming applications, we recommend the Mahindra 1538 HST CAB as the ideal tractor. This compact tractor is available in 26 to 38 HP and features a heated cab designed with the latest operator comfort technology. This workhorse is perfect for wet/snowy conditions and can be paired with a variety of attachments. Blades, snow blowers, loaders or even heavy duty back hoes are just some of the attachments that make this one of the most versatile tractors on the market.

The Mahindra 1538 HST CAB is also perfect for municipal and commercial grounds maintenance. This light weight tractor packs a heavy punch and is ideal for snow removal applications in any part of BC.

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