Handlers Equipment is excited to announce the arrival of brand new compact excavators for sale in BC. Compact excavators combine power, efficiency and reliability into a smaller machine that allows you to operate in confined spaces.

Over the past decade, there has been an increased demand for compact excavators (also known as mini-excavators or mini-diggers). The compact design combined with multiple attachments and bucket sizes; give this machine the versatility to work on smaller earthwork jobs, while providing the power required to complete the job quickly and cost-efficiently.

Compact excavators for sale in BC provide the operator with a variety of benefits that their larger counterparts cannot, including:

  • Cramped Quarters – tight spaces are what these machines are made for! Accessibility is a challenge for any contractor, especially in the high density living projects you see going up all over the province.
  • Less Noise – although it is usually not the highest priority, compact excavators are much quieter, even when travelling on hard surfaces. This makes them the ideal machine for residential job sites.
  • Less Damage – with lighter equipment you can avoid the excess grinding and scraping that a larger excavator might cause. Also compact excavators are often fitted with rubber tracks which are less likely to wear out the surface of your job site. This is especially important in landscaping operations where operators have to maneuver around more delicate surfaces.
  • Easy to Transport – transporting machinery from job to job can be a huge expense. Having a powerful machine that can fit into a small trailer or extended pickup truck bed is a huge advantage for any contractor.

Farmers, contractors, minors, landscaping operations and utility operations are realizing the benefits offered from a compact excavator. The functionality and versatility of these compact machines are useful in almost any construction project.

Handlers Equipment sells and services the Hyundai Line of Compact Excavators. Handlers is proud to offer the best in construction equipment from a global leader like Hyundai.

To view some compact excavators for sale in BC at the Handlers Equipment Yard, click here to view the newest models.

You can also contact the construction equipment experts at Handlers Equipment to learn more about these compact machines and how they can benefit your next project.