Spring is a great time to tackle that patch of overgrown land on your property, or clear land for your agriculture or construction operation. Land clearing equipment in BC is essential to this process and offers you a host of options to choose from. Whether you have a small hobby farm, acreage or full-scale agriculture operation, here is the equipment you need to get the job done efficiently.

Removing the Brush

Most land clearing projects start by removing the tall grass and low brush that makes the area unsightly. If you have a smaller area to clear, consider a small ride-on mower. Or if clearing a large area, Mahindra offer a variety of tow-behind mowers for your tractor. Consider also a blade or scraper to level the land once you have removed the brush.

Tackling the Trees

Falling a tree is a relatively simple process if you have a chainsaw, but the real work starts when you process the timber once on the ground. Wallenstein is a Canadian-owned company and manufacturers the best wood-processing equipment in the country. Some options to consider:

  • Wood chippers/shredders – great for creating usable mulch that is natural and way more cost-effective than store-bought mulch.
  • Log splitters/firewood processors – give your back a break and make quick work of fallen timber with these useful machines. You can process a winter’s supply of firewood in hours instead of days!
  • Log grapples – similar to a backhoe attachment for your tractor, a log grappler claw makes moving those heavy pieces simple and easy.

Stump Control

Once you have removed the trees and brush, you have probably been left with some ugly and annoying stumps. Digging them out by hand is a back-breaking task and chemical solutions can take months or years to dissolve the stump. We recommend the Baumalight series of stump grinders to make short work of this problem. Whether you need a simple walk-behind version, or a commercial size stump grinder attachment for your tractor, these rugged machines will tackle any size stump on your property!

If you are looking for land clearing equipment for your farm or acreage, contact the equipment experts at Handlers for some great tips and ideas to tackle your next project!