Although we are still over a month away from the official start of winter, we are already seeing the first snowflakes start to fall in BC. Experts are estimating that the Pacific Northwest is in for a long winter with lots of snow. Now is a great time to discuss the different kinds of snow removal tractor attachments to ensure you are prepared for the coming winter.

Compact tractors are excellent for snow removal, we encourage you to view our full line of Mahindra Compact Tractors if you are looking to upgrade your current equipment. If you already have a tractor, there are a few snow removal tractor implements to consider:


The simplest and most economical tool for snow removal is a pusher. It is essentially a large box that captures the snow as you drive forward. It has a much larger capacity than a traditional tractor bucket and typically comes with a rubber or steel composite scraper edge on the bottom. A rubber edge allows the pusher to pass over obstacles without catching, and protects the surface of your road. Pushers can move a large volume of snow in a short time and are great for large open areas.


Front and rear-mounted blades are also simple and easy to use. They also can serve a dual purpose if you need to move material other than snow as well. A simple angled blade will push snow to one side while your tractor travels forward (or backward). Some farmers prefer the front-mounted blade as it leaves the rear hitch free for a salt or sand spreader. The difference between a blade and a pusher is a pusher collects snow in front of you and allows you to deposit it at a place of your choosing. While a blade simply moves snow to the side, which is great for long roads or driveways.


The ultimate snow removal tractor attachments are blowers. Like blades they can come in either front or rear-mount configurations. Tractor snow blowers work much the same way as the smaller walk-behind blowers. Gearboxes driven by the PTO transfer power to the auger and impeller. The auger chews threw snow and ice and the impeller throws snow upward through a chute. Adjustable deflectors in the chute allow the operator to direct the snow to a desired location. Snow blowers allow you to quickly move snow in one pass, making short work of even packed snow.

If you are looking for snow removal tractor attachments, check out the Handlers line of  Mahindra and other tractor implements.  Handlers carries a variety of blades, pushers and snow blowers in different sizes to tackle any winter job in BC!