There are many benefits of a transload facility in Abbotsford, convenience being the main advantage. Transloading can save your business time and money, it is the preferred method of handling goods for imports and exports.

Space at the Greater Vancouver Docks is at a premium and dock operators usually will not remove contents from container or flat-racks on-site. One other option is to truck your container from the dock and unload at your facility, however this can be costly for two reasons. First you have to pay for the driver’s time to sit there while you unload, and you are responsible for the empty drayage back to the port.

A transload facility in Abbotsford can offer you discounts on trucking due to the high volumes and regular shipments to/from the facility. Then instead of trucking your equipment all the way to the port, you simply need to bring your equipment to our facility and we take care of the rest. Including dismantlement by expert mechanics and securement inside the container by a crew experienced with machinery handling.

A transload facility can also come in handy when you want to consolidate freight from three containers onto two trucks, saving you the cost of three trucks.

Abbotsford’s central location in the Fraser Valley makes it much more convenient than transporting your machinery to a facility near the docks; which can be more expensive and less reliable than a local facility that specializes in machinery dismantlement/assembly.

If you are importing/exporting machinery via the Vancouver docks, we encourage you to contact one of the machinery logistics experts at Handlers Equipment. Our transload facility in Abbotsford can offer you a quick, convenient and cost-effective way of shipping your equipment to/from overseas. Our fully equipped shop is perfect for dismantling and assembling agriculture and construction equipment of all sizes.