Its spring in BC, and if it is growing season it’s also mowing season! Mowing is a critical part of lawn care and having the right mower can make your task easy and efficient. We have all had to push an ancient and heavy mower up a hill at some point in our lives, but technology has come a long way with lawn mowers being no exception. Zero-turn lawn mowers in BC are the new standard, and Handlers Equipment is proud to offer the Cub Cadet line of zero-turn riding mowers.

Cub Cadet is a proven innovator of zero-turn technology and has developed an unmatched line of award-winning zero-turn lawn mowers. Cub Cadet offers 360 degree turning technology which allows you to easily mow around obstacles with accuracy and confidence. Some models feature 4-wheel steering and a steering wheel which further increases stability and control on hilly terrain.

When selecting a new lawn mower, there are several factors to consider to make sure you make the right choice.


Are you a landscape contractor or someone with a small acreage? The Cub Cadet machines are landscaper-approved and have been developed alongside professional contractors to ensure they exceed the expectations of a professional lawn groomer. However, they are also perfect additions to any hobby farm, small acreage or large landscape that requires a professional touch.


If you are mowing an acre or less, you might consider the RTZ L Riders which feature the industry’s widest operator station and a comfortable seat for optimal operator comfort. Perfect for making short work of smaller acreages. Or if you are a professional landscaper look to tackle large jobs, the Pro Z Series is better suited to the task. With increased fuel capacity, speed and the ability to handle more adverse terrain, this larger series is perfect for any professional landscaper.

Cub Cadet Zero-Turn lawn mowers in BC all come with their signature 3x blade advanced cutting system designed with optimal air-flow, blade overlap and a floating deck. This enables the Cub Cadet product to deliver flawless cutting, bagging and mulching performance in any terrain.

To learn more about zero-turn lawn mowers in BC and how Cub Cadet can improve your mowing experience, contact Handlers Equipment today!