Large-scale farming operations know that compact tractors are great for small jobs around the property. When it comes to lifting the heaviest loads crossing difficult terrain, 100 HP commercial agriculture tractors in BC are the ideal choice. Handlers recommends the Mahindra 8000 Series as the only choice for the 100 HP class of agriculture tractor.

The Mahindra 8000 Series has it all the unparalleled power to lift the heaviest loads, the quality of construction to tackle any task or terrain, and the ergonomic excellence for all-day comfort. Here are just some of the features of this rugged machine:


All 8000 series models come standard with an enclosed cab equipped climate controls to tackle any weather. The spacious interior features Mahindra’s mComfort seat featuring foldable armrests, recline controls and standard air suspension. Tackle any job in complete comfort and safety with large windows providing the operator with a complete 360-degree view around the machine. Some other standard features include cup holders, USB charging ports and stereo speakers, perfect for those long days in the machine!


Mahindra has taken diesel engine innovation to the next level and the 8000 series is no different. Featuring high-strength steel connecting rods and a simple design, Mahindra 8000 engines are designed to burn less fuel while providing more power than competing models. The 8000 comes standard with a four-stroke, turbocharged, direct injection and water-cooled diesel engine. Also standard is Mahindra’s mCRD technology which eliminates the need for costly DPF systems.

Hydraulics and PTO

100HP commercial agriculture tractors are designed for the serious farmer and that means they need to operate a variety of implements and deliver massive lifting power. The Mahindra 8000 has an advanced hydraulic system delivering 5,500 lbs of lift capacity and 17 GPM of implement pump flow. The 540/1000 PTO comes standard with 2 hydraulic remote outlets in the back for convenience and increased productivity.

With more power, greater fuel efficiency, the longest wheelbase, highest loader lift capacity and many other great features, the Mahindra 8000 series are the only 100 HP commercial agriculture tractors in BC you should pay attention to.

If you want to learn more about these heavy-duty utility tractors, contact the tractor experts at Handlers Equipment!