Handlers has been sourcing agriculture and farming equipment for BC for 28 years now. We have travelled all over the world attending trade shows, inspecting agriculture operations and meeting with equipment manufacturers. We have put in the work looking for the most efficient, durable and powerful equipment so you don’t have to. Our one-stop-shop for all agriculture equipment needs has been meticulously researched to provide you with the best equipment, backed by the best warranties, with unmatched levels of service.

The Pacific northwest is world-renowned for its arable land that produces countless varieties of produce. It also presents unique challenges to farmers due to its rugged terrain and challenging climate. This is why we have made it our mission to provide local farmers with the best agriculture and farming equipment for BC. Here are some of the equipment lines we are proud to carry:

Mahindra Tractors

Our flagship offering, after decades of selling and servicing many different tractor brands we have settled on Mahindra tractors because they offer the most value for your dollar. The number one selling tractor in the world has been tested in the harshest conditions imaginable, from the rocky mountainous terrain of India to the swamp lands in the Atchafalaya Basin. This rugged tractor comes standard with a 7-year powertrain warranty, further evidence of their dependability and longevity.

Avant Loaders

If versatility is your goal, look no farther than Avant Articulated Loaders. This compact machine can handle almost any job around the farm. Everything from spearing hay bales to clearing snow!

RMH Feed Mixers

Self-propelled feed mixing technology has existed in Europe for many years. Farmers in North America are beginning to see the benefits of an all-in-one mixing machine that streamlines the whole feeding process. Quick and homogenous mixing preserves the nutritional value of your feed while eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment, or multiple people.

Agriculture Implements

Handlers carries the full line of Mahindra Tractor Implements, giving you the ability to quickly customize your tractor to suit any farming task. In addition, Handlers also supplies Braber, Farm King, Wallenstein and HLA tractor attachments. The right tool for any job you can imagine can be found at Handlers, including: wood processing, grain handling, tilling, snow removal and much more.

If you are looking for agriculture and farming equipment for BC, we encourage you to visit our dealership conveniently located on Sumas Way near the US border.