Agriculture telehandlers in BC are quickly becoming the equipment-of-choice for farmers looking to upgrade their current fleet. A telehandler can take the place of a forklift, front-end loader and a tractor, all while reaching farther and lifting higher! Telehandlers are useful in a variety of industries, including construction and landscaping. The agriculture industry is where they really shine, due to the many different tasks required to run a successful farm.

Agriculture telehandlers in BC feature a hydraulic telescopic boom paired with loader bucket linkage, making it ideally suited to rake and load loose silage. Normal front-end loaders significantly decrease the operator’s visibility, telehandlers feature a “side-boom” design which enables the operator to quickly and accurately place the bucket (or other attachment) exactly where it needs to go. A telescopic boom is also great for stacking round bales in columns six or seven high, allowing you to decrease your storage footprint and use space on your farm more efficiently.

If space is a challenge on your farm, telehandlers are much more useful for work inside buildings or tight out-door locations. Two steering axles enable these machines to turn and pivot in a much tighter radius than a tractor or loader with a single steering axle. Turning radius is a major factor in job efficiency, if you can eliminate the need to constantly go forward and backward to reposition your machine in a small area; you can dramatically decrease your operating time, fuel consumption and overall productivity.

Handlers equipment is proud to represent the Dieci line of agriculture telehandlers. Specifically, the Dieci Agri Max series of telehandlers feature lifting capacities of 5000kg to 7500kg, along with lifting heights of 7.7m to 9.65m. If you need to move large volumes of materials quicker and with a greater reach than your current loading equipment, the Dieci Agri Max is the machine for you.

The Dieci Agri Max series can be equipped with a number of attachments, including forks, buckets, clamps and lifting hooks. The exclusive anti-pitching “Easy Ride” system allows you to carry heavy loads on rough terrain without fear of material loss or roll-overs. If you are interested in taking your farm to the next level with the Dieci line of agriculture telehandlers in BC, contact Handlers Equipment and speak with one of our agriculture equipment specialists!