One of the many innovative products from Avant is their concrete mixing attachments for construction and landscaping applications. It is not always practical or possible to bring in a big cement mixing truck, hand mixing in a wheelbarrow can also be too time consuming for those medium sized jobs as well. Here is why Avant concrete mixing attachments for construction and landscaping applications can save time and money.

Pour Concrete On-Demand

Having the right concrete mixing attachment allows you to pour concrete when and where you need it. This decreases employee downtime waiting for concrete deliveries.

Eliminate Waste

Having overages or shortages both cost extra and decreases the efficiency of your jobsite. Concrete mixing attachments allow you to mix and pour precisely as much concrete is needed for the task.


Need to transport mixed concrete to a place inaccessible to large vehicles? Or perhaps you need to lift the concrete access those hard-to-reach areas. Concrete mixing attachments for your Avant machine allow you to access locations previously reserved for a shovel and a wheelbarrow.

Avant offer two concrete mixing options that are ideal for making concrete in areas without electricity or are hard to access:

Avant Concrete Mixing Buckets – The bucket is equipped with a guard grill and a 400mm screw shaft. This allows you to pickup sand directly from the ground. The bucket is emptied through a hydraulic hatch on the bottom of the bucket, operated by a switch near the driver’s seat. The bucket also features a flexible tube which allows you to pour concrete at greater distances than the bucket can reach.

Avant Concrete Mixing Drums – Mixing drums are great for transporting concrete over large distances, directly to the application site. Just pour ingredients into the drum and start the mixing process, then when you are ready to pour just tip the bucket forward using the hydraulics.

Avant concrete mixing attachments for constructions and landscaping applications are making it easier and more cost effective to move concrete to your desired location. These amazing attachments are saving time, reducing waste and increasing productivity in jobsites all over the world.

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