There are many benefits of compact excavators for construction and landscaping projects in the Lower Mainland. In BC we have beautiful natural features including mountains, rivers and lakes. The one draw back is there are only so many places you can build homes. Lot sizes are shrinking to accommodate more and more people, this makes access to back and side yards increasingly difficult. Here are a few benefits of compact excavators you should consider:

Job Site Access

Even in a new construction site when the area is open and relatively easy to access, it can be difficult to maneuver large pieces of machinery. For landscaping companies that need to do heavy lifting in a small neighborhood, having full-size equipment is not feasible. Another big consideration is overhead obstructions such as wires and tree branches. Being able to move heavy material efficiently without fear of causing a power outage (or a dangerous situation for the operator) is a big consideration when deciding on excavator size.

Cost Efficiency

Compact excavators are much more cost effective to operate than their full-size counterparts. Fuel consumption, maintenance and wear part replacement are in proportion with the size of the machine. Compact excavators are not only cheaper to operate, they are much cheaper to move around. A pickup truck with a small flat deck is all that is required to move a compact excavator, unlike a larger machine that would require a full-size tractor-trailer combo.

Less Surface Damage

Compact excavators exert low ground pressure, making them ideal to work on finished concrete, loose soil or other sensitive surfaces. Landscaping contractors always have to be mindful of the damage their machine might cause to existing surfaces, it could mean the difference between a profitable job or a loss. Even construction site managers must consider how much time and money will be spent on surface restoration once the job is complete.

Hyundai offers a full line of compact excavators for construction and landscaping, ranging from 2400 lbs to 18,400 lbs. A perfect mid-size compact excavator is the R25Z-9AK, this machine operates with zero tail swing making it ideal for any small, crowded job site. It also offers the latest in operator comfort with a fully enclosed heated cab designed to maximize floor space for the user.

If you are considering compact excavators for construction and landscaping projects this summer,  contact the equipment experts at Handlers!