It is spring time in BC which means flashes of sunshine, rain…and more rain. The soft soil conditions are a key reason why rubber tracked dumpers in the Fraser Valley have so many advantages over steel tracks or wheels.

The idea behind rubber tracks is that they increase traction while also minimizing ground impact. This is especially important for our landscape customers who have to maintain the aesthetics of the ground they are working on. The greater the surface area of your track, the better your machine’s weight is distributed, allowing it to “float” better on the surface. Steel tracks by comparison tend to leave their mark on any surface, even concrete.

As mentioned above, rubber tracked dumpers in the Fraser Valley excel in muddy, grass or dry soil conditions. For the muddier areas we recommend going with a more aggressive tread pattern to ensure maximum traction. Although some experts recommend tires in snowy conditions, with the proper tread depth your rubber tracked machine will offer greater traction and maneuverability.

When comparing rubber vs steel tracks, consider the following:

  • Vibration: rubber tracks significantly decrease the vibration of any machine, which leads to longer machinery life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Speed: since rubber tracks reduce vibration, they also allow you to drive your machine faster than steel tracks, resulting in higher production and increased efficiency.
  • Noise: if you are a landscaper, working in high-density neighborhoods can result in noise complaints. Rubber tracks are neighbor-friendly and will be appreciated by the surrounding population.
  • Operator Comfort: Anyone who has been in a steel tracked machine for 10 hours will tell you that rubber tracks are easier on the operator. Increased operator comfort will increase efficiency and production.

If you are looking for rubber tracked dumpers in the Fraser Valley, Handlers recommends the Morooka rubber tracked carriers. These machines come with hydrostatic transmissions for economical use of the engines full power and durable rubber tracks offering all the benefits listed above.

Morooka rubber tracked dumpers utilize tracks designed by Bridgestone and Morooka engineers. They combine the benefits of a wheeled machine (speed and ride) with the traction of a steel track.

Contact the rubber track experts at Handlers Equipment to learn more about rubber tracked dumpers in the Fraser Valley.