So you have bought a small farm and moved into the property with excitement and anticipation of all your farming ventures. However, there are a number of heavy lifting jobs that need to be done on a hobby farm, regardless of size. If you are looking for the best tractor for a hobby farm in BC, Handlers Equipment has you covered!

Here is a partial list of activities that would require a small hobby farm tractor:


Plowing, disking, harrowing and planting are all back breaking activities that require an efficient tractor to complete. The ideal tractor is small enough to be maneuverable in your property, but strong enough to break through tough soil or move large stones.


Nature can be relentless, and on a small farm you need to maintain the usable space you have to work with. Meadows and pastures need to be maintained or expanded and a hobby farm tractor with a cutting attachment is your best friend for this task.

Material handling

Snow removal, manure handling and feeding animals are just a few of the tasks a small front-end loader can help you with. Whether you need to move dirt or haul hay, a small tractor makes these tasks simple and efficient.

Wood working

There are many tractor implements available to simplify any task you might have out in the woods. Shredders, chippers and log grapplers can assist you with the heavy lifting on your property. If you have limited mobility, you may want to consider a firewood processor designed to chop logs and take the hard work out of this back breaking task.

So what is the best tractor for a hobby farm in BC? Handlers recommends the Mahindra 1526 4WD HST. This three cylinder 26hp workhorse is small enough to fit into tight areas, but large enough to run 6’ rotary mowers and other field implements. The front end loader is rated with over 1500lbs lifting capacity and features a skid steer detach bucket. The quick detach feature is great for attaching a bale spike or pallet fork implement.

If you are looking for the best tractor for a hobby farm in BC, we encourage you to contact the tractor experts at Handlers Equipment!