Wheel loaders are excellent snow removal machines with their unmatched power and versatility. If you need to remove serious amounts of snow and ice, a pickup truck with a blade on the front isn’t going to get the job done. Here are the main reasons why you should choose Hyundai Wheel Loaders for snow removal this year.

Large Comfortable Cabs

Snow removal operators service communities and highways during the worst winter storms. It is important they stay comfortable and safe while performing crucial snow removal jobs. Hyundai spares no expense when it comes to operator comfort. The Hyundai HL9600 series feature air-ride seats with hydraulic controls that move with the seat for optimal control over the machine. In addition, your operators will enjoy heated mirrors and massive windows to maximize visibility in rough conditions.

Safe and Convenient Access

One of the most common injuries on the jobsite happen when an operator is climbing in or out of the machine. Hyundai Wheel Loaders have built-in gas shock assistance on the cab door to assist the operator if a sudden slip or fall were to happen. This is in addition to the handrails, large handles, anti-slip steps and ladders to keep your personnel safe.

Built for Snow

Hyundai’s smaller wheel loaders (HL940TM and HL955TM) use parallel linkage to increase visibility and allow for additional pivot height for stock pilin snowbanks. This is ideal in parking lots and other smaller areas that need to be cleared quickly and efficiently.

Reliable Motors and Industry Leading Warranty

Hyundai’s smaller wheel loaders are powered by Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engines with no DFP filers. This is ideal for cold weather operations as the operator doesn’t have to worry about shutting the engine down due to excessive idle time. Hyundai Wheel Loaders include an industry-leading 3-year/3000-hour full machine warranty, 5-year/10000-hour structural warranty and a limited-lifetime warranty on all articulation joints. When the snow starts falling, Hyundai makes sure your snow removal operation remains productive and profitable.

There are many more reasons to choose Hyundai Wheel Loaders for snow removal this year, we encourage you to visit Handlers Equipment today to test drive one of these snow removal beasts.