So you have secured the job with a successful bid, now it is time to make sure you have the right equipment capable of performing to your standards. If you are wondering how to choose the right excavator for your BC construction site, the best place to start is by researching your options.

An excavator is an excellent addition to your construction business due to its versatility and usefulness in many applications. From grading to lifting materials, excavators are the workhorse of many industries including: mining, construction and agriculture. Here are some of the features you should look for:

Size Matters

You need an excavator that is large enough for the heaviest jobs, but small enough to maneuver around your site. Also keep in mind the damage a heavy excavator can do to the land when making your choice. Excavators come in three main size categories:

  • Mini (compact): 7 tons or less
  • Standard: 7-44 tons
  • Large: 45-80 tons

Operator Comfort

For your operator to be efficient and productive, they need a comfortable cab that focuses on operator comfort. Look for ergonomic controls, adjustable seats to accommodate different size operators and easy access to all the controls. Since we live in BC, a durable HVAC system is a must to keep your operators comfortable in any weather.

The Right Attachments

Despite its name, an excavator can be used for much more than just digging. Look for an excavator with a convenient coupler that allows you to quickly switch tools without needing a crew of people. Your application may require a vibratory compactor, ripper or hammer. Matching your attachments with the same manufacturer is important to maintain your warranty!

Additional Features

There are some additional features that may be important for your application. These include anti-vandalism devices and different power modes to provide extra power to your tracks and increase performance in certain situations.

Choosing the right excavator for your BC construction site can be challenging with so many options available to you. The bottom line is you need a machine that is versatile, efficient and offers the highest standards of performance available. Handlers Equipment strongly recommends the Hyundai line of excavators for your construction job!

To learn more about how to choose the right excavator for your BC construction site, contact that the heavy equipment experts at Handlers Equipment.