2020 promises to be an exciting year in the world of agriculture equipment. Many brands are bringing new and innovate products to market or offering refreshing new takes on existing models. Compact articulated loaders for farming applications is one of the top new trends we expect to take off in 2020.

The tractor is the number one machine you will most often see on any given farm, and for good reason. Tractors allow you to multiply force for a variety of crucial applications around the farm. Tractors also come with some limitations in turning radius, reach and maneuverability in small areas. Operators are increasingly turning to compact articulated loaders for farming applications to reduce manual labour costs and increase efficiency.

Compact articulated loaders are built in two halves that are connected by a central point, allowing each half to move towards the other. This simple design features allows you to turn the machine on a dime, allowing you to easily maneuver inside small buildings and tight areas outdoors.

One brand of compact articulated loaders as focused intensively on innovation and ingenuity, the Avant series of loaders are revolutionizing how farmers view their equipment. What if you could have one machine that can do the work of three? Avant articulated loaders can move, carry, dig and split materials in a variety of applications.

Avant Articulated Loaders feature a telescopic boom that self-levels to make load handling across distances quicker and safer. The telescopic boom can reach areas of your farm no machine could go before. Whether you are moving hay bales, loading trucks, feeding cows or clearing snow, Avant Loaders consistently out-perform the traditional equipment found on most farms.

Avant loaders also feature “quick-attach” hydraulic connections allowing you to easily connect to over 190 different attachments. Any job you might be thinking about doing around the farm will have a corresponding Avant attachment that will make the process more efficient.

Handlers stays on top of all new equipment trends which is why we are proud to offer Avant Compact Articulated Loaders for farming operations across western Canada. If you want to test one of these machines for yourself, be sure to contact us directly to speak with one of our agriculture equipment experts.