Demolishing concrete is time consuming and potentially hazardous in even the best conditions. Selective demolition within an existing structure can be more dangerous due to the confined spaces and possibility of collapse. Compact remote-controlled demolition robots are the answer when selective demolition is required inside of a building.

Compact remote-controlled demolition robots look like mini excavators, run on tracks and have hydraulically powered arms which can use a variety of tools. Some of the most common demolition tools include breakers, crushers, drills and loader buckets. The idea behind these machines is safety and maneuverability in cramped conditions. The operator controls the machine remotely, using conventional joystick consoles strapped to their body, similar to a crane operator.

The idea is to keep the operator at a safe viewing distance while controlling the machine. Falling concrete, rock or other debris can cause serious injury to workers using traditional hand-held jack hammers or a compact excavator with a cab.

Avant is an industry leader in compact articulated loaders, they have also developed compact remote-controlled demolition robots that provide unmatched power, durability and maneuverability.

The Avant Robot 185 features a low center of gravity for better stability, safety and productivity. All of the Avant Robot 185’s main hydraulic and electronic components are contained within the lower carriage for the lowest possible center of gravity. The compact design of this robot does not compromise its power or reach. Equipped with Avant’s standard telescopic boom, this robot can reach vertically over 18’ and horizontally over 14’.

The reach capability of this machine allows you to quickly demolish large sections of wall, roof or floor without having to stop and reposition the robot. This greatly improves productivity on the job site. The 5-speed adjustable remote control gives you more adaptability for the job at hand. Whether you need slow and surgical precision, or high-speed operation for less delicate jobs.

The compact size of the Avant Robot 185 allows it to fit inside the smallest building entry points, including standard elevator shafts. The robber track system allows it to go almost anywhere, including up and down stairwells.

Compact remote-controlled demolition robots are a must-have for any construction company needing surgical demolition inside buildings or underground structures. If you are interested in the capability of a compact remote-controlled robot, contact Handlers Equipment!