The Mahindra 6075 Power Shuttle is a powerful tractor that comes standard with 4WD to power through the roughest terrain on your property. When comparing the Mahindra 6075 to John Deere and Kubota comparable models, it is important to note the superiority of Mahindra’s new mCRD engine technology, in addition to the standard horsepower and displacement comparisons. Click here to learn more about Mahindra’s mCRD engine technology.

Below is a quick comparison chart to see the difference between the different manufacturer’s engines;

Mahindra 6075 Kubota M7060 John Deere 5075E
Cylinders 3 4 3
Hp 71 (52.9) @ 2100 71 (53) @ 2400 75 (55) @ 2100
Displacement 161.5 (2648) 203 (3331) 179 (2900)
PTO Rpm 540 @ 1993 540 @ Opt 540 @ 2083

What do these numbers mean? The Mahindra 6075 runs at a lower RPM to help the engine run quieter and cooler. This results in less fuel consumption and a longer engine life, which is why Mahindra is not afraid to back their engines with a 7-year power train warranty.

Below is a comparison of the hydraulics for the three manufacturers:

Type Open center w/ position & draft control, telescoping stabilizers & flex links Open center w/ position & draft control, telescoping stabilizers & flex links Open center w/ position & draft control
Pump Output 11.1 11 11.4
Lift Capacity 4850 4200 3960


Mahindra far exceeds the lifting capacity of the other two brands, all while offering better fuel efficiency and a longer lifespan. The high pump output combined with highly responsive hydraulic controls allow you to complete any job quickly and efficiently.

Comparing the Mahindra 6075 Power Wagon with John Deere and Kubota is made even easier when you consider the wide variety of loader attachments and 3-point implements that allow you to customize your 6075 to take on any challenge. We encourage you to contact Handlers Equipment today to book a test drive with one of these powerful machines.