Container stuffing and de-stuffing in BC is an important part of the equipment transportation industry. The most efficient method of transporting a machine is broken down into a standard shipping container. This requires an experienced mechanic to ensure your machine is dismantled properly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The Port of Vancouver (including all of its facilities) handled more than 138 million tonnes of bulk and container cargo in 2015, valued at over $200 billion. This represents 1/5th of Canada’s total trade value in 2015. Bottom line, that is a lot of cargo to handle and all of those containers have to go somewhere!

This is why container stuffing and de-stuffing in BC is a critical part of the overall supply chain for local businesses. The collection, transport and assembly of agriculture and construction equipment is a specialized task suitable for experienced professionals only. If you operate a construction or agriculture business in BC, your equipment represents your most valuable assets.

One of the most common problems with shipping containers is damage to the cargo inside. This is caused by improper or inadequate lashing. Containers are rugged shipping vessels, they are designed to take a beating from uneven roads, multiple transfers and jostling at sea. However, the cargo inside is much more fragile. Ensuring your cargo is properly packed is the only way to prevent costly shipping damage.

Handlers Equipment is excited to announce the expansion of our container stuffing & de-stuffing capabilities. With a new 100’ wide loading dock we can comfortably handle multiple trucks and containers at the same time. In 2016 we handled over 250 containers, with our new expansion we look forward to even higher volumes in 2017!

Conveniently located in the heart of farm country and less than a mile from the US border, our container loading facility will make importing and exporting equipment much easier for local businesses.

If you are interested in learning more about container stuffing and de-stuffing in BC, contact the trans-load experts at Handlers Equipment!