Cub Cadet snow blowers in the Fraser Valley are outperforming other brands while making snow removal easy and fun! In BC we often see heavy wet snow that is hard to shovel and makes a wet sloppy mess. With meteorologists calling for more snow this year than compared with 2018/2019, now is a great time to equip yourself with the best walk-behind snow blower available on the market.

Importance of Snow Removal

Snow removal is hard work, especially when moving wet and heavy snow. However, snow removal is very important for businesses and private residences. Mobility is the main reason for snow removal, it allows vehicles and people move around easier. Clearing driveways, pathways and parking lots is essential for the safety of your family and the general public.

Businesses in particular have an obligation to clear snow to prevent injuries and potential lawsuits. Some communities also hold homeowners accountable for snow removal on their driveways and sidewalks in front of the house. In today’s online world, consider how many delivery people have to go out in adverse weather to deliver packages, these people must be able to access your front door safely.

Cub Cadet Snow Blowers in the Fraser Valley

The Cub Cadet X Series of snow blowers offer three tiers of powerful snow removal options. Here are the highlights of the three main options:

1X 221 LHP – this single stage snow blower has an easy push-button electric start and in-dash headlight for increased visibility and safety. The high-performance auger-propelled drive system lets you go at your own pace.

2X Series – for the two-stage series you have a choice between five excellent options that range is size and power. Whether you want the simple 2X 24 (with heated handle grips), or you can go with the 2X 26 Quiet with SmartSound™ technology which is 45% quieter than other models.

3X Series – the first of its kind, a three-stage snow eating machine that powers through snow, ice and slush more quickly than any other snow blower.

Cub Cadet Snow Blowers in the Fraser Valley are the number one choice for anyone looking to clear snow quickly and efficiently. If you are ready to put down the shovel and take a look at our full line of Cub Cadet snow blowers in the Fraser Valley, contact Handlers Equipment today!