As we wind up another successful year serving the equipment needs of BC, AB and WA state, we wanted to look back at some of our most interesting articles. Every year we keep you updated on the latest agriculture and construction equipment news, as well as industry trends and issues that affect the marketplace.

From Zero-Power to Zero-Turn – A Brief History of Lawn Mowers

Check out this article for a look back in time at the first patented mowing machine created by Edwin Budding in 1830. From their humble beginnings as simple push mowers with no power, lawn mowers have evolved into grass devouring machines that can turn on a nickel and create those professional edges you are looking for.

The Difference Between Mahindra and other Tractors

Like pickup truck brands, everyone has an opinion on why one tractor brand is better than another. Often it comes down to personal biases and experiences. Every once in a while, a brand disrupts the market with a game changer. Enter Mahindra tractors, click the link above to learn the difference between Mahindra and other brands.

What BC Farmers need to Know about the 2019 Wildfire Season

This article was written in June of 2019, in anticipation of another record wildfire season. It turned out to be a mild year with lower temperatures and more rain than in previous years. In 2018 wildfires destroyed 1.3 million hectares, in 2019 it there was only 21,130 hectares burned over the same period. According to fire ecologists this was the exception, not the rule. They are forecasting even worse wildfire seasons in the coming years and it is important for you and your property to be prepared.

Why Telehandlers are Replacing Forklifts and Cranes in the Construction Industry

Telehandlers (telescopic booms) are replacing forklifts and cranes due to their unmatched versatility and power when lifting objects and material over large distances. Many construction companies have already taken advantage of these amazing machines. Click on the link to learn more about Dieci Telehandlers and how they can improve productivity and efficiency at any construction site.

It has been a great year hear at Handlers and we encourage you to visit our location in Abbotsford to meet with the staff and view our impressive inventory of agriculture and construction equipment.