Wheel loaders are the workhorses of many material handling industries. Whether you are moving sand, gravel, snow, or other heavy materials, wheel loaders are the most effective machines for moving large amounts of material and loading trucks. There are a variety of heavy-duty wheel loaders for sale in BC, here is the one we recommend for all your material handling needs:

The Hyundai HL955XT is a beast in the heavy-duty wheel loader world designed to deliver maximum performance, productivity and efficiency. In addition to a long list of Hyundai innovations, this model delivers 5% greater productivity and 10% lower fuel consumption than previous models. Here are a few more reasons to consider the Hyundai HL955XT for your jobsite.


Like all Hyundai loaders, the HL955XT comes standard-equipped with an integrated on-board automatic weight system. The weight of each full bucket is logged automatically, and operators can manually weigh loads with the press of a button. This allows you to accurately track how much material each loader is moving per hour, per day and per week.

Hyundai’s improved bucket design features a wider opening, curved side plates and an enhanced spill guard to maximize bucket capacity and minimize material loss when travelling.

Operator Comfort

Operator comfort is extremely important to Hyundai and their HL900 series reflect a commitment to operator comfort and control. The size of the cab has been increased to allow for more leg room and in-cab sound levels have been reduced to make this one of the quietest cabs in the industry. Air-ride suspension seats significantly reduce the shock transferred to the back of the operator, which is one of the biggest complaints from wheel loader operators.


Repairs and maintenance are huge costs for any equipment operator. Which is why Hyundai has designed its HL900 series to be easy to use and even easier to maintain. The fully sealed engine compartment comes with a tilt-back hood to fully expose the engine for cleaning and maintenance. All the service points for the hydraulic and electrical systems are located in central and easy to reach areas. Hyundai has also consolidated the initial maintenance interval for the HL900 series, meaning each machine leaves the factory with an additional 250 engine hours before the first engine oil and filter replacement is required.

Several brands offer heavy-duty wheel loaders for sale in BC, but none can match the overall operator satisfaction and owner approval of the Hyundai HL955XT Wheel Loader.

If you want to check out one of these robust machines, visit Handlers Equipment today to test drive one for yourself!