Heavy equipment rentals in BC is an important part of the construction industry sector. Often purchasing a new machine is not cost-effective for a new project, renting can get you in the game fast and at a much lower cost. There are many benefits to owning your equipment as well, renting isn’t always the best solution for every company. For the purposes of this article we are going to focus on heavy equipment rentals.

There are many benefits to heavy equipment rentals in BC, here are a few you should consider:

Avoid the initial purchase cost

The initial purchase price of a new excavator or dumper can have a huge impact on your company’s budget. Renting can free up resources to finance other expansions in your business.

Shield your business from market fluctuations

The construction sector is fluid and ever-changing. Equipment costs increase or decrease along with the number of jobs available for bidding. Renting equipment can shield your business from unpredictable market down-turns, ensuring your business can weather the storm without huge payments on an unproductive asset.

Project-specific rentals

Some jobs require a specific piece of equipment that may not be in your current inventory. Purchasing a machine for what could be a one-time use is not practical or cost-effective.

Avoid asset depreciation

Heavy construction equipment will always be depreciating assets on your financial statements. Renting allows you to avoid this cost, along with the cost of maintaining a depreciating asset. Renting allows you to pass the depreciation factor onto the rental company.

Handlers Equipment supports the construction industry by providing high-quality heavy equipment rentals in BC. We provide heavy duty tracked dumpers and excavators available for daily, weekly and monthly rental options.

Our equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure your next project goes smoothly. If you are looking to avoid maintenance and repair costs, and take advantage of the benefits mentioned above, contact the heavy equipment rental experts at Handlers Equipment.