Since 1991, Handlers Equipment has sourced, serviced and sold many different varieties and brands of machinery. With a discerning eye for quality, we chose Mahindra as our brand of choice for tractors and agriculture equipment. Mahindra Tractors are world-renown for their quality and productivity, all backed by an unbeatable warranty.

So why Mahindra? There are several established brands in the tractor industry that are household names in North America. However, none of them can claim to be the #1 selling tractor on the planet, unlike Mahindra.

Mahindra is a massive global brand that first began assembling the famous Willis Jeep in 1945. In 1947, after Indian independence, Mahindra began expanding its product line to automobiles and other types of equipment.

In 1962, Mahindra formed a joint venture with International Harvester and began manufacturing Mahindra Tractors for the Indian market. It was then Mahindra developed its first tractor, the B-275. The idea was to create a tractor that could perform well on the rugged and unforgiving Indian terrain. This incredibly popular tractor is still the basis for some of the current Mahindra tractor models.

In 1994 Mahindra first entered the US market, since then a dealer network spreading across America has made Mahindra a brand to be respected and feared by its competitors.

Mahindra has consistently invested in infrastructure and development to support its growing dealer network in North America. This includes a new North American headquarters built in 2011.

In the present day, Handlers Equipment is a major Mahindra dealer in Canada and is responsible for growing the brand in the great white north.

For more information on Mahindra Tractors and why Handlers has partnered with this major tractor brand, we encourage you to contact one of our product experts today.