The idea of a total mixed ration (TMR) machine is not new technology, the single horizontal style augers have been around for decades. However, the primary weakness of the older TMR machines was the inability to process large amounts of hay, and they allowed little flexibility for adding other ingredients to the feed. Newer technology has eliminated these weaknesses, revolutionizing the way we feed cattle, or any grazing herd. Here is how a total mixed ration machine will benefit your dairy farm.

Newer feed mixers utilize a “kitchen blender” style of mixing system, allowing you to create uniform feed from vastly different material and provide your cattle with precise nutrients in every mouthful. A TMR mixer is the perfect tool for grinding round bales, pellets, forage style feeds and add vitamins or other nutrients at the same time. This is the perfect machine for stretching out hay inventories during the winter by adding other commodities for a single homogenized feed source.

Here are some of the main reasons why a total mixed ration machine will benefit your dairy farm:

  • Flexibility to add different commodities
  • Inclusion of any forage or storage type feed in large volumes
  • Ability to process low-quality forage feeds (wet or dry)
  • Ration homogeneity
  • Mixing precision
  • Ability to add medications or other nutrients
  • Properly balanced rations

Handlers Equipment highly recommends the RMH family of self-propelled mixing machines. This eliminates the need for multiple machines to do the same job, simply jump behind the wheel and you will be mixing feed instantly.

RMH Mixers feature two overlapping augers designed to process large amounts of feed while providing the precise and homogenous mix you are looking for. The adjustable front chopper allows you to reach feed that is stacked without having to use a forklift, making your feeding process more efficient and productive.

If you are interested in how a total mixed ration machine will benefit your dairy farm with a balanced and precise feed, contact Handlers today to learn more about our RMH Mixers!