On any jobsite, using the right machine for your application is key to maximizing efficiency, reduce hazards and increase productivity. Excavators typically come in conventional, reduced and zero tail-swing designs. Hyundai 9AK Series zero tail-swing excavators are the perfect option if you are working in small spaces but still need maximum power and control to get the job done.

Zero tail-swing (and reduced tail-swing) models have become increasingly popular due to their easy maneuverability in urban and residential constructions sites. Space is limited in these areas and with a minimized counterweight radius, there is a greatly reduced chance of the machine damaging property when working close to buildings. There is also an added safety benefit to zero tail-swing excavators, the operator knows their only potential point of impact with other personnel or machines is the bucket directly in front of them. Large counter-weight excavators have bigger blind spots and the operator cannot see what is behind them, potentially in the path of their swing radius.

As cities expand, workspace decreases for every new construction project. For road construction applications, a zero tail-swing model allow work to take place with less interference with traffic, as the machine can operate in a single traffic lane. This improves safety for workers and drivers on the road.

While several excavator brands have created reduced or zero tail-swing excavator models, the Hyundai 9AK Series zero tail-swing excavator is designed for maximum performance, despite its small stature. For example, the Hyundai R30Z-9AK Series is powered by a Kubota D1305 motor which produces 23.2 HP at 2350 rpm.

All 9AK Series Zero tail-swing excavators feature a boom swing function to further increase their flexibility in confined workspaces. The boom swing function allows the arm to swing left and right without moving the cab! All 9AK Series excavators come standard with a large dozer blade to provide added stability and versatility.

If you are interested in testing out the Hyundai 9AK Series zero tail-swing excavators, contact the construction equipment specialists at Handlers Equipment!