The Hyundai HX Series crawler excavators were first launched in 2015 and the newest series has exceeded all expectations for performance and durability. Hyundai crawler excavators are designed with the needs of both the operator and owner in mind. Increased productivity, better fuel efficiency and unmatched safety features come standard with each HX series excavator.

Here are just some of the features that make the Hyundai HX Series crawler excavators the number one choice for anyone looking to move material quickly and efficiently:

Fuel Efficiency Systems

Having a fuel-efficient engine is a great start, Hyundai takes it to the next level several automatic functions to control fuel consumption. The ECO gauge shows the engine torque and fuel efficiency on the touch screen monitor in terms of average fuel consumption and total fuel consumed in each day. This can decrease fuel consumption by 6%-12% depending on the operator and the environment. In addition, the HX Series automatically turns the machine off when senses a long idle time. Operators can adjust the idling time allowed depending on the work environment.

The IPC (Intelligent Power Control) system adjusts the power sent to the hydraulic systems depending on the job. In “excavation mode” the pump flow is adjusted accordingly to facilitate a more efficient dig, resulting in even more fuel savings.

Increased Productivity

The HX Series has increased productivity in job-sites around the world. In mining operations, the HX series can load trucks up to 5% faster, improving cycle times and efficiency. For grading jobs, the HX series can apply boom floating control using arm-in and arm-out operation only, this allows stable control even in high-load work.

Owner Controls

As the owner of such a high-end machine, you should be in direct control of its operation. The Hi-Mate Remote Management System allows you to remotely evaluate each machine’s performance and access diagnostic information. You can also verify your excavator’s location and program a virtual “geo-fence” to prevent the machine from leaving a specific area.

The Hyundai HX Series crawler excavators range from the compact HX130LCR to the massive HX900L. If you are interested in learning more about Hyundai crawler excavators, be sure to contact the experts at Handlers Equipment!