If you are looking for a solid, general-purpose tractor for hobby farming, utility agriculture works, livestock or grounds maintenance, Mahindra compact tractors has developed the ideal machine to get the job done. The 2655 hydro-static is the perfect compact tractor for a wide variety of applications.

The 2655 HST Cab tractors protects you from the elements with a luxuriously appointed interior. The cab can be accessed on either side with large doors, allowing you to jump in and out of the cab with ease. Not that you would ever want to leave with advanced climate controls, Bluetooth radio and the mCOMFORT™ seat. Mahindra seats feature extra cushion, lower back support and fully adjustable suspension.

The 2655 HST is a powerhouse in the 2600 series of Mahindra compact tractors. It features 44.5 PTO horsepower and the largest displacement engine in the industry. Of course, this tractor is powered by Mahindra’s mCRD™ fuel-efficient technology that also reduces emissions.

So how does the 2655 HST Cab stack up against other brands? The below chart compares several compact tractors from other brands that are in the same category as Mahindra compact tractors.

Tractor Model Mahindra 2655 Cab Kubota L4760 John Deere 4052R New Holland Boomer 54D
Cylinders 3 4 4 4
Hp 55 (41) @ 2300 47 (35.1) @ 2600 51.5 (37.9) @ 2600 53 (39.5) @ 2600
Displacement 161.5 (2646) 148.5 (2434) 127.6 (2091) 136 (2200)
Pto Rpm 540 @ 2300 540 @ 2550 540 @ 2600 540 @ 2600
Pump Output 9.7 9.4 Not published 9.8
Lift Capacity 3314 3858 3130 3275


The Mahindra 2655 HST Cab provides more horsepower at a lower rpm than all other models. This means less fuel consumption, cooler running and a longer engine life. This is one of the main reasons all Mahindra compact tractors are backed by a 7-year powertrain warranty with no deductible!

If you are interested in learning more about Mahindra compact tractors, or want to see the 2655 HST Cab in person, contact the tractor specialists at Handlers Equipment!