Introducing the beast, the Mahindra Roxor is an industrial strength workhorse that shatters traditional conventions of what an off-road vehicle can be. This powerful off-road side-by-side is built like a tank and designed to take you comfortably across any terrain. Whether you are into trail riding, rock climbing, doing work around the farm or just traveling in rugged country where other vehicles wouldn’t dare attempt, the Mahindra Roxor is the only off-road vehicle you need in your inventory.

Body and Frame

Mahindra Roxor’s are built from heavy gauge steel, designed to protect the occupants and sensitive drive-train components. Many competitor side-by-sides are built out of plastic and are prone to fading, cracking or breaking. The frame is a fully-boxed, ladder construction also built from heavy duty steel. This frame is designed simple and built heavy to provide unmatched strength and resiliency.


The Roxor comes standard with a Mahindra 2.5L turbo diesel engine, with 3490 pounds of towing capacity. It comes equipped with fuel injection and provides enormous torque and durability. Competitor models continue to use small, high revolution vertical twin-cylinder engines which just don’t have same power or durability.


This powerful off-road side-by-side uses a heavy duty 5-speed manual transmission that drives 4WD power through a 2-speed transfer case. Competitor side-by-sides are equipped with automatic, rubber belted CVT transmissions, prone to failure and slippage which is unacceptable when you are far away from repair facilities.


The Roxor uses large 16 inch wheels, equipped with off-road radial tires designed to take impacts and smooth out bumps. They also use road-vehicle size disc brakes for advanced stopping power.

The Mahindra Roxor is the most powerful side-by-side in the industry, it also features tons of accessories including winches, custom paint jobs, and cargo handling equipment.

If you are interested in the toughest most powerful off-road side-by-side, backed by an industry-best two-year standard warrant, contact Handlers Equipment today!