The Mahindra Roxor is a beast of an off-road vehicle that is blazing new trails in the UTV/XTV category. It is not often that a vehicle comes along and changes the automotive landscape. Ford’s Model T provided affordable transportation; Toyota’s Prius created mass-appeal for hybrid cars. Mahindra’s Roxor is based on designs for rugged off-road vehicles used in WWII, after which Mahindra was granted a license from Willys to build the CJ3B Jeep, a classic military vehicle used in the Korean and Vietnam wars.

That uncompromising and simple design lives on in the Mahindra Roxor, along with modern innovations to improve shifting, handling, and suspension. For example, the Roxor uses proven suspension technology like leaf springs, and combines it with rear dual acting hydraulic shock absorbers to improve the ride.

The frame is built from heavy gauge steel that is fully boxed in a ladder-style construction. You can see the welds through the paint, just like the old-style machines. This rigid design is in sharp contrast to other UTVs or side-by-sides which are essentially souped-up golf carts made of plastic. The Roxor is built to last and take its occupants safely over almost any terrain.

Another category where this off-road vehicle is blazing new trails is the engine. Boasting a 2.5-liter inline-four turbo-diesel engine, this powerplant produces 62 HP and a powerful 144 pound-feet of torque. Most other side-by-side use a high-rev two-cylinder engines, which are great for speed, but pale in comparison when carrying loads or towing. The Roxor has a 350lb rear cargo capacity along with a massive 3,490 lbs of towing capacity, more than its own weight.

The off-road vehicle that is blazing new trails also features a 12-gallon fuel tank and fuel economy of over 30 mpg. That means an impressive 360 mile+ range on the standard model. This machine can be used on the farm, mining, and construction sites or for military use thanks to a fuel economy and capacity that keeps it going all day. The belt-less heavy-duty 5-speed transmission is designed to last and always be ready for action.

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