Material handling wheel loaders in the Fraser Valley are used in a variety of industries. Everything from mining, forestry, construction and even waste handling applications require a large machine to move large amounts of material.

There is also no reason that a wheel loader must be limited to moving aggregate material, specialty buckets and attachments can open up new applications for your machine. Grapples or forks are great for pipe handling operations or logging sites. If you are looking to stockpile large amounts of material, consider a high-dump or roll-out bucket for your wheel loader. Waste handling operations typically require specifically designed buckets as well, better suited for rough metal pieces than a light material handling bucket.

Compact wheel loaders can be an attractive alternative to skid-steer loaders, especially when you are trying to minimize surface damage. Having an articulated chassis gives a wheel loader much greater maneuverability around any job site.

If you are looking to move large amounts of material, Handlers has you covered with the toughest material handling wheel loaders in the Fraser Valley. Handlers sells and services Hyundai’s full line of material handling wheel loaders. For this article we want to focus on the big and powerful Hyundai HL980 XT

The HL980 XT is a rugged machine designed to operate longer, reduce operating costs and improve productivity at your job site. The entire HL900 series is designed to increase productivity by 5% and reduce fuel consumption by 10% compared to previous models. How is that accomplished? The HL980 XT comes with an improved bucket design with curved side plates to capture more material in a single scoop. It also has an enhanced spill guard to reduce material loss when travelling. The Option five-speed lockup clutch allows operators to select the appropriate gear for their application and reduce fuel consumption.

Safety is paramount on for any material handling application. The HL980 XT comes standard with a full-colour, integrated rear-view camera. This feature, along with a 360 degree view from the cab, keeps the operator aware of all objects an personnel around the machine.

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