In the modern agriculture industry, farmers are inundated with information about the latest and greatest equipment designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. Not just farming, every industry is constantly searching for better ways to complete the same tasks. Many people are resistant to change, after all, why fix something that isn’t broken? Yet most of us now have a smart phone because Apple decided to re-invent the wheel, try and imagine your life without it. You need a telescopic handler for your farm in the same way you need only one device to access the internet, make phone calls and calculate how many steps it takes to work off that donut.

Farming has been around since we evolved from hunter-gatherers to the top of the food chain. In the past, tasks were completed by whatever tools and equipment were available. Even if it took multiple machines to complete one job. Today, there are material handling solutions that can reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Telescopic handlers (tele-handlers, zoom-booms) were invented in Europe decades ago. It doesn’t count as “new” technology, but rather proven technology that works. North American farmers are beginning to realize the benefit of these amazingly versatile machines. So why do you need a telescopic handler for your farm? Here are some of the benefits of the Dieci line of Telescopic Handlers:


These machines are designed with a low-mounted boom and raised cab to give the operator 360-degree visibility. The extended reach combined with a high lifting capacity gives you the ability to quickly and easily complete tasks that previously required multiple machines, or multiple people.


The concept of a telescopic handler is great, but only if it is built to last. Agriculture grade tires, solid one-piece chassis and robust power-train components are hallmarks of the Dieci machines.

Cost Efficiency

Dieci machines come with a variety of attachments that allow it to quickly and easily switch to different tasks around the farm. This machine will take the place of small-medium sized loaders, skid steers and forklifts. Famers can easily reduce the size of their fleet and overall operating costs with a Dieci Telescopic Handler.

If you still aren’t convinced why you need a telescopic handler for your farm based on the information given, we encourage you to visit Handlers Equipment today to take one of these amazing machines for a test-drive. Once you realize the power and flexibility of this machine, you will realize how obsolete your old material handling equipment has become.