Although meteorologists are calling for a mild winter in north America, mild can be a relative term in Canada. We have already seen temperatures dip below zero and frost on the car windshield to prove it. Learning how to prepare your farm equipment for winter can increase the longevity of your machines and ensure they work when you need them to.

To start, we will discuss what to do with equipment that you will not be using for the winter. Many of your heavy-duty equipment is not required when not harvesting or plowing, and now is a good time for some quick engine maintenance before winter storage. Fuel system maintenance is a good place to start, this includes cleaning the fuel cap/vent and making sure it is sealing properly. Check for water or sediment in your fuel tank as well, these are the number one causes of fuel injection system failures. Also, any water that is not mixed with fuel will freeze and expand, potentially causing fuel line failures and other issues.

Coolant systems should be inspected regularly, including the reservoir and hoses. The coolant in your farm equipment does much more than keep the system from freezing. It prevents also prevents corrosion and lubricates shaft seals. Check your coolant concentration before storage as well to ensure your system fairs well during the colder months.

For tractors and loaders that you are planning on using during the winter months, now is a great time to purchase Snow Removal Tractor Attachments. Here are a few options to consider:

Pushers – a simple large box that captures snow as you drive forward, these implements can move a large amount of snow in a short period of time.

Blowers – perhaps the most fun to use, snow blowers use an auger to chew through packed snow and ice. The chute allows you to angle the discharge and move large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently.

Blades – simple angled blades allow you to push snow to one side, these implements are great for long roads or driveways.

If you do use de-icers in your snow removal operation, it is important to clean and lubricate exposed compact points on your tractor. De-icers contain corrosive properties that can reduce the life-span of your equipment.

If you want to prepare your farm equipment for winter, we encourage you to visit Handlers Equipment today to view our full line of snow removal machines and tractor attachments!