Gathering firewood is an annual chore many people dread. Cutting trees down is usually the easy part, it is breaking down the pieces small enough to fit in a wood stove that is the most difficult. Splitting logs with an axe is back breaking work, not to mention time-consuming and inefficient. Now you can quickly process firewood with an Avant Log Splitter, a handy attachment sure to save you time and energy this winter.

The Avant Log Splitter is the best tool to process large amounts of firewood quickly and efficiently. For added safety, the Avant system features two control levers that much be activated with both logs to activate the hydraulic press. The height of the blade is easily adjustable, so you can split logs into two or four pieces.

Avant Log Splitters come with two speed, the lower speed increases the splitting force and is used for denser wood. After pushing the log against the blade, the cylinder automatically reverses, and you are set to cut your next log in just seconds. Compared to the several minutes it might take for you to get through a tough piece of wood with an axe or hand splitter.

Avant carries two models of log splitters depending on the length of logs you want to work with. One has a max capacity for 600 mm logs, and the other for 1000 mm. Each model can process approximately 30 logs per minute, meaning you can process an entire year’s worth of firewood in a single afternoon.

The advantage of the quick attach system on Avant Articulated Loaders is you can easily switch between a grapple, bucket and log splitter. You can have one powerful and compact machine to pull trees out of the woods and then process into the final product quickly and efficiently.

If you want to quickly process firewood with an Avant Log Splitter this year, visit Handlers Equipment today to view our full line of Avant Attachments.