Rotating rubber-tracked carriers for landscaping and construction applications are essential if you are looking to move lots of material over unforgiving terrain. Traditional material carriers or dumpers using wheels often get stuck in the mud or soft earth when it rains. A rubber track combines the speed and smooth ride of a tire-equipped vehicle with the traction of a steel-tracked machine.

Morooka manufacturers the largest range of rubber-tracked dumpers and carriers in the world. In 2015, Morooka launched its line of rotating rubber-tracked carriers for landscaping and construction applications.

A major part of any construction or landscaping project is moving material, both in and out of the job site. Often during this process, a dumper operator must maneuver the loaded machine through a 180 degree turn to dump the load in the required location. This is very stressful on a dumper’s undercarriage, tracks, and the ground. The constant turning pattern in the area causes ground consolidation. The resulting compaction can lead to poor drainage in that area and often must be repaired once the job is complete.

The ability to rotate or swivel the chassis in any direction is a game changer. Now there is no need to contra-rotate the tracks to line up the bed of the dumper with the dump site, simply rotate the cab and dumper body 360 degrees in any direction without having to move the tracks.

Morooka rotating rubber-tracked carriers already walk much softer than a metal track or standard wheel. The rubber tracks cover the ground like a blanket, spreading the weight throughout each of the grooves on the track. Even when loaded to capacity, the ground pressure at any point along the track is approximately half of the pressure a person would cause by standing on one foot. These tracks are also ideal in steep terrain, allowing operators to safely climb slopes even in muddy conditions.

Morooka rotating rubber-tracked carriers for landscaping and construction applications are sold and serviced by Handlers Equipment. We have new models available for sale or rent along with a full-service shop stocked with parts for older and newer models.

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