Snow and ice removal attachments in BC are a hot topic this time of year. Although we have experienced a mild winter so far in 2019, we still live in Canada and it will snow even in the valleys and low coastal areas. With the right attachments, your tractor or loader can become an efficient snow and ice removal machine.

Here are some must-have snow and ice removal attachments in BC:


Snow Brooms are great for sweeping light snowfall (less than six inches of snow) from sidewalks and driveways. They are also great for clearing job-sites without the risk of damaging the surface, or your equipment! Brooms can be stationary or rotary to speed up the snow removal process.

Scrapers & Blades

Scrapers can break up and move packed snow and ice. The cutting-edge digs under snow and ice, breaking large chunks in the manageable pieces that can be easily pushed aside. Snow blade tractor attachments are usually angled to push snow to one side, in a “V” shape to move snow to either side of your machine.

Snow Pushers

Pushers are ideal for handling large quantities of snow. They feature a free-floating blade to remove snow from uneven surfaces. Snow Pushers are great for removing snow from delicate areas, such as surfaces with paving stones or decorative concrete.

Snow Blowers

For the serious snow removal enthusiast, snow blowers use an auger and impeller to chew through snow and ice and project it over large distances. Blowers are the ultimate snow and ice removal attachment. With one pass the operator can clear a path while directing the spray of snow to a low-traffic area, eliminating the need for multiple passes with a blade or pusher.

Handlers equipment carriers a full line of snow and ice removal attachments in BC. Including attachments for Mahindra Tractors, other tractor brands and Avant Loaders. Whether you are looking for brooms, blowers, salt spreaders or just a good old-fashioned snow blade, Handlers has you covered this winter!

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