While spring isn’t officially here yet (March 20th!) the days are already getting longer, and the sun is shining! For many people, “spring cleaning” involves tidying up the house and their workspace. On the farm, your work space is your entire property and cleaning your fields after winter can be a huge task. It is important not to forget about spring cleaning your farm equipment in BC when preparing for the upcoming growing season.

During the summer months, there is an endless list of tasks around the farm and there is never enough time in a day for all of them. This is why the beginning of spring is the perfect time for routine equipment maintenance to make sure your equipment is in perfect working condition when you need it the most.

Here are a few tips for spring cleaning your farm equipment in BC:

Get current on your oil changes

Now is the perfect time to make sure your equipment is properly lubricated. Don’t forget about your smaller equipment as well, ATV’s and mowers can use an annual oil change to make sure they are running smoothly when you need them to. Don’t forget about your oil filter as well, there is no point in putting brand new oil in an engine and then leaving a litre or more of old oil in your filter.

Check tire air pressure

It’s common for tractors, trailers, wagons, etc. to lose air in their tires over the winter. Underinflated tires wear faster and can damage rims in some cases. While you are checking the pressure, be sure in inspect tires for improper wear patterns, cracks or deteriorating areas. Tires degrade over time and there is nothing worse than having a major tire failure in the middle of a field, far away from your shop.

Don’t forget air filters

Your equipment needs to breathe air just as much as you do. Now is a good time to check and clean air filters to make sure you’re not over-working your engine.

Don’t forget non-motorized equipment

Anything with an engine will likely get the first look when you are spring cleaning your farm equipment in BC. However, you shouldn’t overlook equally essential equipment such as your cutters, rakes, blades, etc. You don’t want to wait until you are ready to cut hay to discover your equipment suffered damage over the winter.

Spring cleaning your farm equipment in BC will give you the satisfaction of knowing your agriculture operation will be 100% operational during the crucial growing season. Handlers Equipment operates a full-service maintenance shop as well as mobile maintenance for emergencies. Contact us today to learn more!