As winter begins its slow descent from the mountains and into the more populated valleys, now is a great time to stock up on firewood in BC with the best wood processing equipment. It is easy to procrastinate when tasked with collecting enough firewood to heat your home through the winter. After all it is a back-breaking task often completed in foul weather. Handlers Equipment is here to ease the burden with a full line of the best wood processing equipment available in Canada.

Handlers Equipment is proud to carry Wallenstein Wood Processing Equipment that is made in Canada and designed to operate in the roughest conditions across the country. This company was founded over 25 years ago near the small community of Wallenstein, Ontario. Their log-splitters gained a reputation for quality and durability, from there the name “Wallenstein” stuck to their products and now they are sold all over the world.

Backed by a 5-year warranty, here are just some of the equipment available to help you stock up on firewood this year:

Hydraulic Log Splitters

Perhaps the toughest part of processing firewood is when you put the chainsaw down and pickup the axe. Hydraulic log splitters make short work of this task while saving your back and arms from damage. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to split a log that is full of knots, one log can take you 20 minutes to chop into pieces. Hydraulic log splitters can process a winter’s supply of firewood in a single day, that amount of wood would take you days to process by hand.

Chippers and Shredders

Not all parts of the tree are destined for the fireplace. Chipping and shredding are the best methods of reducing large awkward branches into small chips and pellets that are easy to handle. These machines can also be used to create a fine mulch that can be used in the garden this coming spring!

Firewood Processors

For the all-in-one solution, Wallenstein firewood processor do almost everything that used to be done by hand. One the tree is felled and trimmed, simply feed it into the machine and cut the perfect lengths while it splits the logs for you and spits out useable firewood on the other side. It is like a one-person assembly line that can process up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour, try doing that by hand!

To help you stock up on firewood in BC with the best wood processing equipment available, visit Handlers Equipment today to speak with one of our product specialists!