Swivel rubber tracked dumpers in BC are in high demand due to their all-terrain capability and versatility in almost any off-road environment. Swivel rubber tracked dumpers in BC have the capability to go places wheeled vehicles wouldn’t have a chance, anything from deep mud to aquatic environments.

Rubber tracked dumpers are excellent machines to begin with, but when you add a swivel chassis with 360-degree rotation, you can significantly reduce downtime and surface damage. The dumper can travel in a straight line and then the cab will rotate to dump material in any direction. This eliminates the need for U-turns or multi-point turns that cost time and money.

Handlers Equipment prefers Marooka rubber tracked dumpers due to their 60+ year history of innovation in the construction industry. The Marooka swivel tracked dumper sits on durable rubber tracks that are a result of the 50+ year partnership between Bridgestone and Marooka. The tracks are designed to be as fast and smooth as a regular tire, while providing the same traction as a steel track. The rubber tracks have low ground pressure to minimize surface damage while maximizing traction in soft, sandy and rough terrain.

Marooka dumpers are also easy to control with their hydrostatic transmission (HST) drive system. This system allows for economical use of the engine’s full power. The HST system eliminates the need for clutch and gear controls, all movement including steering is executed with pair of single hand-control levers.

Marooka rubber tracked dumpers are used in a wide range of applications and are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. Forestry, mining, construction, oil and gas are just some of the industries that use this incredibly versatile machine.

If you are interested in testing out our swivel rubber tracked dumpers in BC, Handlers has several models for sale and rent. Contact the equipment experts at Handlers today!