Telehandlers are replacing forklifts and cranes in the construction industry due to their unmatched versatility and power when lifting objects over large distances. This equipment, which is also referred to as a telescopic handler, boom lift or even “zoom boom,” features an extendable boom which drastically improves the reach compared to a standard forklift.

Benefits for the Construction Industry

Multi-storey buildings are the most common form of new construction. High-density living is the most efficient way to house the growing population in BC, construction companies are recognizing the versatility and efficiency of telehandlers in these building projects. For example, the telescopic boom can be used to place a pallet on a roof or a top floor balcony, all while taking up less room than a crane.

Telehandlers can also be used on rough surfaces, grass or just uneven pavement. These machines feature off-road tires and are perfect for areas marked with aggregate or other construction debris. The beauty of a telehandler is you can quickly shift tasks without switching machines, you can go from lifting heavy materials onto a roof to unloading a truck and transporting debris across muddy ground.

Dieci Telehandlers are Replacing Forklifts and Cranes in the Construction Industry

Dieci has created a full line of telehandlers for both agriculture and construction applications. Specifically, for construction, they offer both fixed and rotating telehandlers. Rotating telehandlers (such as the Pegasus 11.64), offer the most flexibility for construction sites with the ability to “transform” into a crane platform by extending outriggers and using the continuous 360 degree rotation of the cab. They then quickly switch back into “extendable forklift mode” to move supplies arriving by truck.

If power is what you are looking for, consider the Hercules class of telehandlers by Dieci. The Hercules 264.33 Telehandler is rated for 26,455 lbs with a lifting height of over 30 feet. This machine can also fit a wide range of accessories such as winches, forks and buckets to suit any job around the construction site.

Telehandlers are replacing forklifts and cranes in the construction industry across BC, if you are interested in learning more about these amazingly versatile machines, contact the construction equipment specialists at Handlers!