Farmers across BC are constantly looking for equipment that is going to help them work smarter and more efficiently. Tractors and traditional loaders are a staple on any farm, but increasingly farmers are looking at telescopic boom material handlers for agriculture applications.

Telescopic boom material handlers (telehandlers) are often used for construction applications due to their impressive reach and ability to maneuver in small areas. These same attributes apply on the farm as well, telehandlers are taking over as the go-to machine for agriculture applications all over North America. The hydraulically operated telescopic boom can either be fixed or articulated and can be used to reach greater heights and distances than a tractor with a fork attachment.

Telehandlers can be used to stack round bales in columns of 6 levels or move material from the edge of the barn to a large dumper in seconds. One of the biggest advantages of a telehandler is their ability to perform multiple jobs around the farm with a variety of attachments, including:

  • Forks
  • Buckets
  • Needles
  • Clamps
  • Lifting Hooks

Dieci has created a full line of telescopic boom material handlers for agriculture applications, including:

  • The Mini Agri – is designed to meet the needs of small greenhouses, nurseries, or poultry farming. This model is perfect for working in tight and difficult spaces
  • The Agri Farmer – is the most agile of all Dieci telehandlers, this model provides a great mix of power and versatility for small to medium sized farms
  • The Agri Plus – is a fixed-boom telehandler built specifically for heavy and intensive use. This model is rated for towing on-road trailers up to 20 tons, in addition to its impressive lifting capacity.
  • The Agri Max – is designed to handle large volumes in big farming applications. This series features up to 7500kg lifting capacity to over 31’ in height.

The Dieci line of telescopic boom material handlers for agriculture applications has the perfect machine for you, whether you have a small hobby farm or a full-size commercial operation.

If you want to learn more about telehandlers and how they are making farming more efficient across North America, contact one of our agriculture equipment experts!