Maintaining a horse stable is a tough job and often performed in a cramped environment. When the horses are let out of the bard, the real work begins cleaning and maintaining the facility. The best compact loaders for horse stables enable you to operate quickly and efficiently in tight spaces, saving you the back-breaking work of moving material by hand.

There are several everyday tasks around a horse stable that benefit greatly from a compact loader, here are a few examples:

  • Moving hay bales
  • Cleaning and moving manure
  • Delivering food/water
  • Moving tools and other machinery
  • Leveling ground

The Avant series of articulated telescopic boom machines are considered the best compact loaders for horse stables and other equine use. Designed to operate in tight spaces, the Avant compact articulates loaders will easily traverse rough terrain while allowing you to reach farther with heavier loads.

Despite their compact size and low service weight, Avant loaders are capable of delivering a high pulling force and tipping load weight. Avant machines can lift up to 1500kg and reach drive speeds of up to 30km/h. This enables them to cross large distances with heavy weights quickly and efficiently.

For smaller horse stables with tight stalls, the Avant 225 mini articulated loader is the ideal machine. This machine can lift more than a skid-steer and fit inside the smallest of stables, while also offering unmatched maneuvering capabilities.

For larger stables and breeders requiring more lifting power. The powerful and compact 760i with a 57hp engine is the perfect machine for the job.

The best compact loaders for horse stables come with a wide variety of attachments to meet the needs of any equestrian. Avant offers over 200 quick-change attachments including: harrows, rakes, bale grabs, buckets and manure forks. The telescopic boom allows you to reach areas of your barn previously inaccessible to other machines.

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