Farming and agriculture are the backbone of our economy in British Columbia. The best loaders for BC farms offer unmatched versatility and power, enabling you to perform any number of tasks quickly and efficiently. Front end loaders have been used for decades in agriculture operations, prized for their ability to move large amounts of material. However, Avant is leading the way with the best loaders for BC farms, read on to hear why this powerful machine is taking over the agriculture sector.

Articulated Loaders and Telescopic Booms

Articulation occurs when the front and rear of the vehicle are connected by a central point, and each half can move towards the other. The benefit of an articulated loader is it can maneuver in much smaller areas compared to a traditional wheel loader. Avant loaders allow for precise sideways movements under load, making them ideal for working in the barn or warehouse. This features also minimizes damage to delicate surfaces, compared to traditional loaders.

Avant also offers telescopic booms, allowing you to reach higher and move material into areas not accessible by wheeled machines. Avant booms are also self-levelling, keeping your load steady in uneven terrain.


Avant loaders are perfect for your farming applications. The ability to quickly change attachments saves time and manpower. Avant loaders can be combined with over 190 attachments, here are just some of the agriculture attachments available, in additional to the traditional buckets, blades and scrapers:

  • Silage forks
  • Grapples
  • Bale spears and grabbers
  • Manure fork
  • Mowers
  • Carousel brooms

The best loaders for BC farms are produced by Avant, these compact but powerful machines range from 20hp to 57hp, and have lifting capacities up to 3300 lbs. Four-wheel-drive combined with articulated movements enable this machine to tackle any job around the farm, no matter the season or weather.

If you are looking to upgrade your agriculture operation and are looking for the best loaders for BC farms, contact the agriculture equipment specialists at Handlers Equipment.