When choosing a new wheel loader for your construction fleet, it is a common mistake to focus on the most obvious features, such as price and bucket size. The best wheel loaders in BC are designed to meet your production targets efficiently, with the lowest cost-per-ton possible. Here are a few key features to look for:

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel costs are a substantial part of your operating budget. Considering fuel efficiency upfront can mean big savings down the road. Ideally you are looking for a machine that can operate a full shift on one tank of fuel, saving you time and money on each shift.

After Sale Support

Consider the reputation of the brand and dealer when looking for the best wheel loaders in BC. After sales support should be a critical part of your overall purchase decision. Even brand-new machines need regular repair and maintenance, having quick access to parts and service can be the difference between a profitable job or an operating loss.


The landscape in British Columbia presents its own unique challenges for construction companies. The terrain and elements in BC can reduce the average wheel loader to a very large and expensive paper weight. The most durable wheel loaders will be designed to operate in the toughest conditions, including protective covers for hydraulic hoses and other sensitive components.


Your wheel loader’s drive line can give you the biggest gains in fuel-efficiency, but also performance. Consider the applications at your job-site, does the machine need to travel larger distances or do you need more power for digging operations?

Hyundai Construction Equipment provides the best wheel loaders in BC when you consider all the features mentioned above. Powered by reliable and durable Tier 4 engines, Hyundai wheel loaders are world-renown for their longevity and efficiency. Hyundai cabs are designed to be spacious and cozy, with operator comfort features such as: heater air-ride seats, hands-free calling, and automatic climate control. These versatile machines come standard with rear-view cameras and other safety features such-as: anti-slip steps, large grab rails and excellent fields of vision.

If you are looking for the best wheel loaders in BC to upgrade your construction fleet, contact the equipment experts at Handlers today to learn more!