When it comes to purchasing a tractor, everyone has their own opinions and biases that influence their buying decision. Some people simply purchase the only brand the have ever known, others carefully compare the options, and some just look for the cheapest option. In this article we will explore the difference between Mahindra and other tractors. With so many brands to choose from, it is much easier to list the many benefits of Mahindra tractors and let other brands try and compete with the number one selling tractor in the world.


While Mahindra and other brands such as Kubota offer a variety of size options, when comparing similar models, you will notice that Mahindra tractors appear much larger. Bigger wheels and bulkier components add more weight of course, but they also allow Mahindra tractors to carry heavier loads. Mahindra tractors are known for their more pronounced lift height and towing capacity.


Mahindra’s current line of powertrain options is the result of decades of product innovation and improvement. Engines are specially engineered to power through rough terrain for the most remote rural farmers. Mahindra offers a wide range of engines from 15HP to 85HP to suit almost any agriculture application. Built to exceed the most stringent emission standards, Mahindra engines deliver unmatched power along with unbelievable fuel efficiency. Mahindra manufactures 750,000 engines and 350,000 transmissions per year, each backed by a 7-year powertrain warranty!


According to consumer surveys, Mahindra attachments the easiest to connect, keeping your operation efficient and productive. Mahindra attachments are built to the same standards as their tractors, they are designed to last the lifetime of the machine and to handle the abuse of daily use.

Operator Comfort

The days of metal seats with spring suspension are over. While most new tractors offer standard comfort features such as cushioned seats and ergonomic controls, Mahindra takes operator comfort to the next level with is new mComfort™ seat which is designed for those long hours in the fields.

The difference between Mahindra and other tractors is simply the ability to perform the toughest farming tasks faster and more efficiently. Productivity is essential for any profitable agriculture operation, if you are looking to upgrade your farm, we encourage you to contact the tractor specialists at Handlers Equipment!