Spring is in the air and that means landscaping businesses across the Lower Mainland are stocking up on new equipment for 2019. In the landscaping business, downtime due to equipment problems is an unacceptable loss. You can scramble and cobble together something to get the job done, but you will never get that time back. Which is why we have identified the must-have machine for your landscaping business. Start of the season right with reliable equipment that will keep your operation productive and profitable!

Equipment flexibility is the most important requirement for any landscaping operation. Having one machine that can do many tasks saves time and money. Consider the many different tasks required in any landscaping business:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Fertilizer spreading
  • Hedge and tree trimming
  • Grading
  • Cutting
  • Digging
  • Material handling (stone, gravel, dirt, mulch, etc.)

Above is just a small list of the many tasks required by your business. Operating several machines such as loaders, tractors, mowers, etc. is expensive and cumbersome. Just keeping each machine in top operating condition is time better spent generating revenue. The must-have machine for your landscaping business is an Avant Articulated Loader.

Avant loaders have been in production since 1991 and were originally designed to distribute feed to cattle herds. While still an ideal machine to have around to farm due to their unmatched flexibility, Avant articulated loaders are fast becoming the first choice for landscaping operations across North America.

This compact loader comes with 190 attachments; you could complete an entire landscape transformation, from demolition to the finishing touches, with one machine. The largest model, the 700 Series Avant Loader, has massive lifting capacity built into a compact package. Avant has also developed its new E-Series Loader a fully electric loader that runs quiet and will save you thousands in fuel costs over the course of a year.

Avant articulated loaders come standard with a telescopic boom and the ability to quick attach anything from a simple material bucket, to brooms, trimmers and more. This must-have machine for your landscaping business will take your landscaping operation to the next level with unmatched flexibility, durability and productivity.

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