Its time to sell your old and out-dated landscaping equipment. Most serious landscaping operations use multiple loaders, mowers, and other hardscaping equipment. Avant is the only machine you need for landscaping in BC, because it can perform all the tasks of your current equipment inventory, only better.

Avant is a powerful landscaper’s tool that will impress both the operator and the customer. This amazingly versatile loader that will take care of both landscaping and maintenance of your garden and green areas. These articulated loaders can be used for so many functions it would be arduous to list them all here. There are 190 different attachments available for your Avant machine, everything from your basic buckets to artificial turf maintenance brushes, levelers and stone grabbers. All attachments can be quickly and easily interchanged to make sure your job site remains productive and on-schedule.

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One of the biggest features of these machines is their articulated steering and light frame. They can be driven gently on delicate surfaces like grass, reducing the amount of restoration required at the end of the job. Don’t let the compact size fool you, the Avant loaders have plenty of power for the heavy-duty jobs, such as digging out large boulders, moving pallets of heavy materials or stump removal.

Avant loaders also come standard with a hydrostatic transmission and a joystick-operated telescopic boom, allowing you to reach areas that other machines would be useless in. You will find this machine can do tasks usually reserved for people due to their delicate nature or tight working area.

Every landscaping project is unique, which is why you need a machine with enough versatility and efficiency to ensure every project is profitable. Simply moving equipment from site to site can be difficult and expensive. Avant machines are light, maneuverable and can easily be transported with a regular-size truck and trailer. This machine also works in all seasons; whether you are working in rain, sunshine or snow, this machine gets the job done.

The only machine you need for landscaping in BC combines power, versatility and efficiency like no other machine before it. Contact Handlers today to upgrade your landscaping operation!