If you are an arborist or own a tree care company, you are continually looking for the best tree care equipment in the Fraser Valley to make your job easier and more efficient. Across the valley we enjoy the natural beauty of a variety of tree species, ranging from head height to massive timber that is hundreds of feet tall. Tress continually require service to ensure they do not become a danger to the public or property.

Tree care companies and arborists across the valley are turning to Avant as an effective time-saving solution for their business. Avant has created a powerful compact loader with telescopic boom capabilities and a variety of tree-care attachments. Avant is powerful enough to lift heavy logs yet compact enough to fit into small yards and narrow pathways. Here are just some of the reasons why Avant is considered the gold standard for tree care equipment in the Fraser Valley.

Surface Protection

Protecting the ground you are working on is paramount for any tree service company. Returning to the jobsite to repair ruts and replace grass is costly and in-efficient. Avant loaders are designed to not leave a footprint, even on the most delicate turf. The articulated design allows you to turn tight corners without damaging the ground, whereas traditional loaders will dig in and bite the surface.


Working with large timber is inherently dangerous work, which is why Avant loaders come standard with safety features to protect the operator and other personnel on the jobsite. Avant loaders feature a strong roof system designed to protect the operator from falling objects. In addition, Avant machines have a low center of gravity to keep the machine firmly planted when handing large logs. The cab gives the operator 360-degree sightlines around the machine, and the offset telescopic boom allows you to clearly see the work ahead.

Tree Care Attachments

Avant has created 190 attachments for these versatile machines. Specifically for tree care, Avant has the right tool for any job. Here are just some of the many tree care attachments available:

  • Winches
  • Tree shears
  • Heavy-duty log grabbers
  • Cutters and splitters
  • Wood chippers
  • Root grapples
  • Stump grinders
  • Firewood processors

If you are looking for the best tree care equipment in the Fraser Valley,  contact Handlers Equipment to learn more about Avant’s tree care series!